A Case for e-Voting

Elections are a distinctive exercise. They are capable of changing the course of nations either for good or bad. The influence, participation, campaigns and activism in politics profoundly affect the lives and attitudes of citizens. Elections demonstrate a clear significance for our society, so, in all, it’s not only important that the electoral systems work, it is of more significance that the people believe that they do work.

Today, many nations and even organizations are making strong cases for e-voting. No doubt, the Internet has changed the way the world operates, it fastened communication and has enabled so many old processes. In essence, if we truly believe the IoT revolution then we must all be gearing for our voting processes to change from the usual.

E-Voting with its informative methods can propel that change by reducing the many concerns about the current ballot system. There are many advantages for e-voting, some of these include that with e-voting we can have less invalid votes, greater voting number, vote secrecy is guaranteed, the process is less expensive compared to the ballot system, voting is easier and done with comfort.

Talking of security, there is no common denominator as no system is 100 per cent secure. The security issues surrounding e-voting, Is worthy to argue, however, we must note that no system is foolproof. In the past, there have been several cases of electoral fraud in using the ballot, e-voting offers us foolproof bio-metric that helps to shut down the fears of multiple voting and sundry.
E-voting is the future for electoral systems and we must begin to disabuse our minds to accept the changing technology and innovation can bring knowing how much our world has changed over the last century.