Fallen like the leaf weakened by the wind
Down it lays waiting… no fate, no mate, just too late!
And time, blowing off like the wind,
I was weakened, jolted and shrouded by the wind

Hence your love, upon my heart, you soared…
You and I, beaten by the circumstances only faith changes 
We’ve been down but alive, drowned yet arrived
Scotched by the heat of trust… still we thrust

I am fallen, taken away so fast and it’s rapid,
Easily you swim this love around me and I’m stupid
Foolish, vulnerable and stricken, heart pierced like cupid
Like a dreamer, I’m thinking, loving and tepid

Oh, lumbering as I am, no halt… I keep rambling
Though for the sake of your love, I stake my affection…
Yes, for this love I'm awake, I take my chance, though many times it breaks
But my weakness is for you, for you, I'm running without brakes… 

I’m here vulnerable to your touch, your words, and your love
Humbled by your warming affection, chastened like a dove!
Smothered in your arms, pampered by your charm yet, I succumb  
To your magic, I adore… to you I am vulnerable!

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