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I am Ben Iyoha, originally born Ebenezer Ehimen Iyoha. A Copywriter, Poet, Digital & Social Media Strategist, Life Coach & a Free Thinker. With 3 years+ of Web 2.0 strategy & marketing experience, eContent & Copy development, 4 years of copywriting & concept development for agency clients and a life time of writing just anything from poetry to prose.

A graduate of Lagos state university with a strong zeal to succeed in new spheres.

An internet savvy Nigerian bloc living in Lagos. I swapped Microbiology for a pen, paper and a life on the digital/social sphere. I live by doing sarcastic humoured stuffs, cooling off with very mundane, celestial and soulful music... I'm really not what you have assumed, there's more!

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I know what it’s like to be a story teller, i'll rather create new ideas or shut down. How to spruce up designs is something i love doing reasons why I tap my hands on some graphic wares + been writing poetry since i was eight and till eighty I may never stop.

But for employers, my experience and education doesnt count cos I keep creating a new me everyday + late nights makes me creative... at nights i literarily dream and create.

Interested in a chat about anything... looking for a Life Coach, friend or a brother?
Hook me up on social media or Send me a quick message.

E-mail: contact@beniyoha.com

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