Digital Marketing Plan Sample for Marketers (Filmhouse + Cocacola) Project

So, i made up my mind starting from this month to share my past works, projects, proposals and concepts as a copywriter, digital marketer, graphics artist and marketing strategist with friends, enemies, well wishers and the world. Whichever category you belong to does not really matter, what matters is that i share my little experience, exchange information and ultimately solve some peoples Google search queries. 

In this, i have chosen to share a digital marketing plan i made born out of a brief i recieved from Filmhouse Cinemas as the Digital Marketing Team-Lead at Intelligent Campaign Hub, a VAS, TECH and DIGITAL MARKETING company in Lagos. I received several of this kind of briefs and with a team of very young marketers, many of them fresh from school and learning the ropes and others undergoing their NYSC. However, the onus fell on me to create such plan everytime the need arose. 

Key facts about this plan: 

1-  Every part of this plan was created on PS and transfered to PPT.
2-  The plan had (8) eight segments, these segments are:
        i) Marketing Goals
       ii) Marketing Target
      iii) Insight
      iv) Concept
       v) Strategy
      vi) Budget
     vii) SWOT
    viii) Creative Samples

3-  The plan took two working days to complete (because i had other stuffs to attend to)
4-  Concepts were brainstormed by myself and 4 other team matess (Nemi Banigo, Kenechukwu Okolo, Kristin Udoh and Chris Amakulor).
5-  Graphics and PPT slide presentation was done by me (Ben Iyoha)
6-  Client loved the plan, so, they asked that the plan be updated to include Nairabox 
     (will share that later)
7-  The plan is more graphical than textual... Why so?
           i) Extreamly wordy plans bore people
          ii) Images drives home the messages faster
         iii) Marketing communications is a creative enterprise not a goverment or banking conglomerate.
8-  This version shared has been edited (I needed to takeout classified details of client & business) 
9-  The plan was made due to a partnership between Filmhouse and Cocacola.


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