Ben Iyoha


Brand and Communications
Product Management
Marketing and Advertising
Market Research and Strategy
Digital Marketing
Public Relations
Content and Concept Strategy
Online Marketing

Experienced in: Analytics, Display and Search Advertising, Email, Social media, Mobile, Content and Viral marketing Strategies.

Advertising / Public Relations

Serviced brands like LG Electronics, Remita, Etisalat ClickLite, Chocolat Royal, Filmhouse Cinemas, Vatebra and many more.

Branding and Graphics

Self taught Copywriter, Graphics professional, garnered a lot of training, certifications and experience in branding and art direction.


Every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force - (Newton's 1st Law Of Motion)
  • 1. Learn

    I've got a knack for acquiring new skills and reinventing myself.

  • 2. Improvise

    One should never get stucked, just recreate and move on...

  • 3. Risk

    I live to throw it all in. Sometimes i lose, most times i win.

  • 4. Perfect

    Less is more, this is what makes a perfect finish in my opinion


    + Brands Managed (Online / Offline)


    + Years Of Comms. Experience


    + Digital Advert Inventory


    + Certificates, Awards and Trainings


    Read my rants, stories, poetry and works.

    In Pictures

    "Getting through life is not a routine, it's actually a behaviour"

    "Life, i wish i'll be there when it ends and when it starts again"

    "My hope is not in a future, but in what happens NOW"

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