Press Release: Vatebra Tech Hub to empower small start-ups

Foremost ICT Company, and a 3rd-time winner of the Nigerian Technology Awards Vatebra Limited, recently opened the Vatebra Tech Hub in Ajah. The Hub is sponsored by the Bank of Industry with the aim of moving the country towards the adoption of information technology. The Hub is an innovative community for startups and creative minds in the tech space, to turn their ideas into business solutions and eventually to market.

The Tech Hub which was financed by the Bank of Industry also aims to encourage and empower start-ups to scale to become global brands. By this, the Hub also strives to build a network of tech entrepreneurs by positioning them for future technological advancements.

Strategically located in the heart of Ajah, a densely populated part of Lagos, the hub aims to drive inclusion for start-ups to contribute to the general tech ecosystem of Nigeria and Africa at large.

The Hub offers co-work spaces and private offices at affordable rates. The Hub also offers trainings on software development, robotics and entrepreneurship. The hub plans to commence its incubator and accelerator programs which aims to provide business mentorship and access to finance for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with viable and scalable business ideas.

Speaking on the initiative the Managing Director of the Bank of Industry Mr. Olukayode Pitan opined “it is our belief that this will give the young ones a place where they can meet to harness opportunities in the Nigerian and African ecosystem and generate income from their skills rather than engage in devious activities like fraud”. He added that some entrepreneurs are looking to establish offices but cannot afford them. The Bank of Industry is giving them a platform to set-up offices, grow their businesses and add to Nigerian GDP. This initiative is a Corporate Social Responsibility of the Bank of Industry”.

Vatebra tech hub aims to contribute to the tech ecosystem in Nigeria by driving the adoption of digital technology through Digital Capacity Development, Entrepreneurship Training and Inclusive Technology Education in Nigeria.


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