If you've ever heard or read about Ted Kaczynski the UNABOMBER (University & Airline Bomber) you may want to cringe at his motives for running for almost two decades one of the worlds most sophisticated bombing spree, delivering well-packaged bombs in carefully curated packaging.

At the centre of his motives was his hate for mans increasing dependence on technology. Himself a professor of Mathematics who ditched the academia for the woods.

Ted isn't the reason for this piece but technology is. At what point does technology become dangerous and ethereal?

Let me share today's experience... I walked into a GTBank ATM hub to make a withdrawal, soon the guard walked up to me and advised I really don't need my card to make the withdrawal. Miffed, mused and confused I asked him how?

He seemed too glad to let me into this new realm of financial technology, in utmost sincerity I was curious myself, so, on to the machine he started to show me the fingerprint procedure for withdrawal all of which lasted less than one minute and boom, I cashed out.

As I left that location I started to rehash the scenario while my heart throbbed upon the realities of this new limits of technology. To be honest a proliferation of that technology will put our lives in danger.

In a society like ours fraught with kidnappers, one-chance gangsters, robbers, cultist and etcetera this makes it pretty easy for these criminals to operate. I just could paint this mental picture of criminals walking people to ATM machines and coercing them to make withdrawals under duress.

"Oga, oya put your hand dia..."

"Shebi you lie say you no get money, ATM Card and mobile app" "You see your life"

In my honest opinion, I think banks should make this technology optional, we should at least request for this service through an account mandate before it is being activated for a customer. The Banks should also make it public through the media that this service is not for everyone except for those who have requested so. Put simply, make it known to the criminals & gangsters that this is not the new and improved covert-yahoo.

In my case, I never asked for it but lo and behold I could withdraw that cash in a flash. Lastly, I still strongly think these technologies could be invasive atimes but unlike Ted the UNABOMBER, we must give room for technology to thrive and courteously so. We must also make our case against these trends with utmost decorum and unbiased rebuttals.

Ben Iyoha

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