Poetry: My Wonder ​

From yonder, you remain my outstanding wonder,
I have asked and no one can find me another,
You’re my sparkling brilliant miracle, that sole one that sets my heart alight in lowly flames,
Deeper than the depth of the ocean where no man can see the bottom,
Stronger than the winds, Sweetie, your love gives me wings…

Day’s when I ponder about your beautiful wonder,
Alone, I look back, smiling at the sweet days we shared with one another,
The smile, the dance, the plays, the nights, the food, the moments, the kiss and the love,
Seem like a movie but this indeed is our drama,
Seem like a fantasy but hunnie, it’s our reality…

The fonder it gets, the more you make me wonder
My wonder is in the way you love and when you cry that makes me go under 
Sweetie, my wonder is just how your anger and yet, for me your hunger!
Sometimes I feel like I’m not enough, sometimes It feels like all I have and all I’ve done is not enough
But in your eyes… I see that it all feels alright!

I will NEVER plunder this love of ours that brings me wonders…
No, nor do I intend to make any blunder,
My miracle, my tiny and shiny oracle you are.
My mirror ball, the one that makes me go lyrical all the time,
MY WOMAN, there’s a lot you mean to me… But I will NEVER forget how you are MY WONDER!


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