Musing: The Limits Of Life!

Ben Iyoha

Wondering... What will you be if you weren’t a living thing? What would you have hoped, wished & craved for if life made you a crab or a sun fly? Would you just wish you had no limits? The limits we fear, the failures we abhor and the wrong we don’t want to imagine is never negotiable.

Brethren’s, the single most important lesson I’ve learnt about life is that everyone has a  limit to who and what they can be and this in-turn i call #TheLimitsOfLife!

Come to think of it i muse a lot, i muse about a lot of things, i muse about the cunning features of a lit candle, i muse about the mundane and backward civilization I’ve come across, i relish the subliminal and esoteric things of life than would the immutable because life in itself is ephemeral and consciously abstract.

A quick test....

Make a list of 5 things money can buy but you don’t have and in need of.
Make a list of 5 things money can't buy and you are not in need of.

Having made these two lists, find out which of these things are largely currently in your control?
Which of these things can you easily influence right about now?

You see, to LIVE, Survive and Exist in life literally means you'll always be subjected to limits, no matter what you achieve in life, no matter what you scale through in life, Life will never allow you exist without a limit.

Let’s highlight The limits....

The Limit of Hope (No matter what the preacher says)
The Limit of Love (No matter how much they try to show it)
The Limit of Friendship (No matter what you give them)
The Limit of Money (No matter how much you have)
The Limit of Food (No matter how hungry you may be)
The Limit of Ideas (No matter how wise you are)
The Limit of Knowledge (No matter the amount of PhD’s you have, it's for a particular field)
The Limit of Wish (No matter how best you hope and dream)
The Limit of Joy (No matter all you've achieved)
The Limit of Spirituality (No matter how much of God you know)
The Limit of Failure (No matter how perfect you try to be, or how much you have failed)
The Limit of Sadness (No matter how hard you cry, someday you'll smile)
The Limit of Existence (No matter what you know hand earn, you won’t live forever)
and the list is endless... But!

Brethren’s, the ultimate Limit of Life is DEATH! Death humbles all, death brings to closure all that is called life. The dreams, the aloofness, the audacity, the con, the reality, the game and even the truth will all be buried to the reality that nothing last or lives forever.

I live in a city.... that city is called LIFE!
So i take life very seriously but i often remember its limits.

The INTERNET of THINGS (IoT) and what about AFRICA?

By: Ben Iyoha 

Within the next five years, the number of devices connected to the Internet will outnumber the people on the planet by over seven to one. About 50 billion machines, ranging from networked sensors to industrial robots, household items will depend or be connected to the internet to help us function smarter.

Have you ever imagined a time were you’ll have to travel with a device called an electronic passport which would often make use of the Internet to read out your data to an electronic border protection robot at an airports point-of-entry?, have you ever imagined your car’s component  been operated via a device which connects to the Internet?, have you also imagined your traveling bag having a clock-like digital screen that helps you lock and open it digitally with the connivance of the Internet?. Though the list could be endless, but what really is IoT?

         The internet of things (IoT) is the linkage or prospect of almost every human-used devices e.g. vehicles, buildings and other items being embedded with electronicssoftware’s or sensors that enables these objects to collect and exchange data (internet) in order to work smartly.

You may call it a smart house, smart car, smart air-conditioner but the reality is that our lives and environ are getting faster and better. In 2013 the Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things (IoT-GSI) defined the IoT as "the infrastructure of the information society.

When the internet of things which is gradually blowing steam on its own runway is then fully flying, what will be the implication for Africa?

Currently, access to reliable, fast and affordable data or internet connection has been the bane of internet users in Africa and as the case have always been, Africa may not nurse a need to bother about the technology or contribute to the development and propagation that IoT needs to be rooted here but in essence may just be lagging from issues ranging from improper implementation, infrastructural deficit, poor government policies and slow paced adoption.

Again, Is Africa prepared for a massive job cut in the eventuality of what the internet of things could do in regards to its projected role? The sad truth is that a lot of gates wouldn’t need a gate man, a lot of factories wouldn’t need its manpower and even the medical and healthcare industry most importantly the diagnostic sector could be highly drowsed by IoT devices that can be used to enable remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems. These health monitoring devices can range from blood pressure and heart rate monitors to advanced devices capable of monitoring specialized implants and medical conditions.

Countries of the globe are desperately looking for new avenues for income and foreign exchange and it interest me to inform my folks here in Africa that the Internet is the new crude. Imagine how much the combine forces of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple are pulling In back into the US in foreign exchange and there after job creation? Your guess is as good as mine. NOTE, the Internet of Things will cost us a lot of our hard earned money holistically but we can’t deny ourselves the reality of growth just because of its cost.

So much for the African lag, what about the benefit(s)? The truth is, Africa is so much in love with tech and the Internet of Things will most certainly find a supreme and reliable home here. However, to me I see just one benefit which is ADVANCEMENT. Sadly, we just have to pay the cost of acquiring what we can’t create and inasmuch as we need to ADVANCE, we just have to pay for both the Internet (data) and the distinct technology of choice (The Thing or IoT). But for those who 'll create, it’s a win-win, whilst they ADVANCE they also EARN. It’s time we tap into this emerging plane called the Internet of Things in an African way. This is my clarion call.
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FACEBOOK TREND, A Fantastically Stupid Setup….

By: Ben Iyoha

Quite a lot of people don’t even know Facebook has a trend neither do they know how to know what’s trending of Facebook. For someone like myself who’s a “digital native” and who from time to time get paid for specific demands from clients it became worrisome when I researched the Facebook trend and realized errors and misdoings of Facebook with regards to its trend.

Under every normal tech-cum-digital circumstance, trends should aggregate and page rank with the use of algorithm. What this means is that a topic or news article should naturally trend when so many people are talking about this same thing at a given time or period. The Facebook narrative is entirely and arrantly different, it appears Facebook deliberately always want to circumvent the wheel by deliberately fixing in what they wants to trend. 

An example of this narrative is on the accounts of former Facebook staffs who revealed how they manually inserted the “Black Lives Matter” topic into its trending news feed in order to artificially boost the movement’s popularity and in turn boost the Facebook brand, this revelation was according to her former employee who curated news for the site. Note, this only happened after Black-American Facebook users continuously ranted about not having a topic on this subject despite all the posts and mentions. 

Bring it down to Nigeria, Facebook is the most used social network here in our fatherland and it surprised me to note that upon the many issues and topics we discuss here none ever makes it to the Facebook trend table. If an algorithm was used and the trend-table was geo-enabled then why wont we have issues and topics like Fuel Scarcity, Buhari, Lai Mohammed, Nigeria Decides, The death of Stephen Keshi, Amodu Shuaibu, OJB Jezreel on the trends table while the issues lasted but what you see on the Facebook trends-table are entirely American issues and stories that we aren't even discussing here.

At 1pm pacific May 9th, Facebook said in a statement to TechCrunch that it was against the company’s curation policy to suppress or prioritize specific political views in its Trending topics, and that it has guidelines in place to preserve consistency and neutrality there.

This necessarily implied that people like me who get paid to get by contractors to trend it shows or wares on Facebook aren't being manipulated. 

In the statement responding to Gizmodo’s report that organic and conservative trends were suppressed in Facebook’s Trending section, Facebook wrote:

“We take allegations of bias very seriously. Facebook is a platform for people and perspectives from across the political spectrum. Trending Topics shows you the popular topics and Hashtags that are being talked about on Facebook. There are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality. These guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspectives. Nor do they permit the prioritization of one viewpoint over another or one news outlet over another. These guidelines do not prohibit any news outlet from appearing in Trending Topics.”

The bloody truth about this Facebook statement is that it further entrenches the notion that Facebook doesn't even put Africa in its considerations least to talk of Nigeria. Anyway, we've never been considered at any time past. 

Looking forward, as Africans and as Nigerians who also have a voice and with a large presence on Facebook, Facebook must allow a symbiotic relationship and not a parasitic one-sided one. Facebook should also note that because we represent the user-generated content ideology which Facebook leverages on and needs to survive as web 2.0 dictates our trends must be typified, geo-tagged and prioritized. They must remember that the ideas upon which Facebook was created is that the users provide the content while Facebook only avails us the platform (User-generated Content), so why force down on us contents that are not ours if it's not a fantastically stupid setup? 

PS. To know what trends on Facebook place your cursor on the search tab on Facebook and allow for a few seconds to buffer, naturally all the trend topics appears below (For Mobile Device) apparently, not yet enabled for web users in Nigeria/Africa.

No Idea About Life (Dedicated)

"No Idea About Life"

From when I was born, I had no idea about life, 
I had no clue there will be today
I grew in my own way without a premonition or a peep into what I see and feel today
Not even a soul to tell me there will be you along my way. 
The sacrifice to love and trust, to hope and pray, to give one’s self and wait
I never thought I could pay
But life, in many ways it takes you around until you are lost and found
Found with one who I hope for and I hope with,
In life, I’ve had plans, some fell through and the others were just images
Images of things I crave, the one I love and the space I’ve made 
Now I make no plans, 
I just wake up and pray… I pray life gives me all that I crave,
Sometimes the perfection of the moon can be distorted by the moving clouds
But sooner the clouds pass the moon glows again
Someday we all will be no more, there will be nothing to hope for, to want and crave
And sooner this aloofness dies; all that we fear is gone
In my thought, in my words and in my soul
You stand so firm like a rock
If I had my way I would be with you right away
But God… God’s way is the true and only way… his time they say is the best
Much’o love, - 
Dedicated To Her, The beautiful beads of my fatherland!

By- Ben Iyoha

Common Online Abbreviations And e-Jargons

This is my only post in the month of March, so bad of my lack of enough time to put up some quality information out.

However, i decided to share this pictorial of common online abbreviations  used by every digital native be you on the web or via mobile.

Coming Soon - Hands-Free Payemnt System Powered By Google

Google wednesday released an experimental payments app called Hands Free, a service that lets you


By: Ben Iyoha

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