How EMR’s are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

By: Femi Akinnigbagbe

How can technology improve healthcare services for patients, Make health care services more efficient, and help sustain our health care system in years to come? Imagine the number of time doctors try to recall patients’ history, the amount of time required to wait for a laboratory or diagnostic result in other to make an informed decision plan for patient or the time required to get patients medication history from other healthcare provider in other to change medication for patient. Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to capture and solve this information distribution problem? 

The use of technology vis-a-vis the introduction of Electronic Medical Record such as CureMD, Genesys, eClinical works as an application that aid in recording clinical data electronically, it help in decision making, orders exchange, taking record of all activities done on patient in the pharmacy shop, X-ray and even laboratories. However, advantage of Health Management Information System’s makes it possible for great control within the healthcare space and this is achieved by a simple synchronization of activities. 

Health care services can be improved with the use of EMR for instance, fewer storage space will be required thereby reducing cost for storage and reduced time to search for patients’ record using the old paper and folder file system. Electronic management of medical information as the case is with EMR solutions help yield results faster than usual as compared to paper medical records. Hence an increase in speed of information retrieval and overall hospital management.

In addition, implementation of EMR help to reduce errors found in patients’ health record, this serve as an advantage to the patients because records are accurately taken and stored, at the point of retrieval, the same stored result is gotten back, there is no place for error or mixed up file as in the case of paper storage; this help in proper diagnosis and treatment of patient, it eradicate the error of mistreatment, this is only possible with the help of technology.

Electronic medical record incorporates the file sharing capability into its system.  Another technological tool which causes a streamlined interoffice communication and this enable clinicians to be able to send and receive different records of patients with other clinicians and patients, this help to reduce waste of time and redundant tests. This file sharing ability has been exhibited by lot of EMR Company in the state such as Nextgen, Epic and Genesys.

In conclusion, the Introduction of technology into the healthcare sector has opened up vistas into more innovations to come. There are lots of tech solutions rendering such services around the globe and the Genesys HMIS solution is one with a unique advantage and enormous features which is by no small means taking healthcare to the next level of superfast service delivery.  

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