TRENCH TOWN (My True Life Experience) 18+

Ben Iyoha

By now I’d traveled many miles and still a few more until I’d be in Trench. So much for the hysteria, I couldn’t wait to slip into this beautiful town for a first sleep. No one exactly can discern what this town means to me and how I’d thought so deeply and waited so long to enter into her. I can’t assume I’m in the know of what it holds for me, all I see is this altruistic soul of mine yarning.

This was the future, let’s go to the past.

It was my first year in university; my demeanor was not farfetched from that of a typical freshman. I’ve heard quite a lot about losing one’s mind, being frail and naïve in the first few weeks. Perhaps, I’d quickly learned like every other fresher to be part of campus activities excluding cultism; after all, we all want to be part of what makes the campus vibrant. This exuberance usually comes with some academic encumbrance and this is essentially why it’s a university, and we absolutely need to pass through it all.

My desire to journey to Trench I tried to quench, the more I tried the more it oozed like a stench. As soon as everyone began to bond, a feeling of lag beclouded me; I had no sobriquet for my lax. Hence the journey began. On the day I hit the road, it was a very happy day. I’d anticipated nothing but as the saying goes “every day is pregnant of something’’ it appeared that something was Trench and the pregnancy was the journey.

I’d been at the campus chapel all day; it was the National Federation of Catholic Students cultural day and after a hectic but interesting day it was time to call it quits. Just as everyone set off the chapel’s postern I sighted this tall and slim girl with a figure eight to die for as she walked alone, she had been part of the event; I knew because I saw her face a couple of times earlier. It was a long walk from the chapel to the campus gate so I paced up to her.

“Hello Miss’’ I echoed with a cynic swag, and she replied with a drab “Hi’’, immediately I asked, “Why are you walking alone?” Her response was very believable because at this time I could see how writhed she was “I had to leave without my friends because I’m ill, it started with a mild headache and now I’m feverish’’ “Oh sorry’’ I replied and then cunningly intoned “How about I walk you off to the gate” she immediately mustered a beckoning smile “I will be glad if you can”. Hence, it was a jolly chat all the way.  Soon that once writhed face was now laced with smiles, and I completely felt like an antibiotic, one whose eureka came amid a massive epidemic.

Her name is Maria (real name withheld), she was the one on whose account I visited Trench for the first time, and just like me she’s also a freshman at another south-western University, they had been on strike and so she had come to our event on the account of her parish priest who was our local chaplain. At the gate where we had to say our goodbyes after exchanging numbers, she gave me a sizzling smile. I’d heard and read about love at first sight but on this day I saw it in her cherry eyes.

Not too long I hit my lodge, and my phone rang, to my consternation it was Maria… “Hello Cherry” I yelled with a pseudo-tone, I could almost sense the excitement in her voice as she responded “Hi Ehis” calling a short form of my native name I’d told her in our chat. “You won’t believe I haven’t taken any drug and I’m feeling good again” she added. I didn't fail to immediately cease the sensation with some bragging “Wouldn’t you thank me for being your trusted drug”. As the days went by we began to exchange more calls, and text messages, and even had her visit me openly on campus a couple of times at my behest.

We grew fonder with each passing day until I asked for the first time if she wouldn’t mind visiting me at my off-campus lodge. She sought to think about my request but I knew she was only playing the not-a-cheap-girl-card because she had let all guard down before my request. Two days later she sent me a text stating that she’d finally made up her mind and she’d be coming over that weekend after the Sunday mass… I jumped with euphoria; for the first time, I’d have a live chick to myself all alone in the room.

So finally I am having a clear chance to visit the much talked about and most anticipated town that all men seek. For a young boy that I was it was a rhapsody I’d only envisaged during my wet dreams. Did I know it’ll "cum" this soon? I was only 18 and it was the official age of consent, she was 19 and was more exposed than I was…so I found out.

It was D-day, I waited unwearyingly for her arrival; soon she walked in looking devilishly prima. I can’t forget how indelible this moment was. I didn’t worry about a possible denial because we had an accord during our prior conversations to let everything loose on our first real-time together. I’d love to fire up the ambiance into a romantic one but these were the days of Alcatel, Trium, and Motorola phones; these phones have no defined multimedia capabilities and trust NEPA to make it permanently worse.

After we’d chatted for close to about 20 minutes; hence more quiet moments ensued. At this time I could feel my Bob get hard on me, so then I asked her to share some of her malt drink with me. She stretched forth her glass, and I retorted; “I’d rather have them from your mouth’’ she sighed with an ire of surprise… immediately I drew closer, my adrenaline now pumping above usual. I grabbed the glass of drink and got some of the liquor into her mandibles and made for her lips.

Now the glass was forgotten as we passionately made for each other’s lips; locked and intertwined as we bonded in a feisty passion. I’ve got no real-time experience in handling a woman but I’d gathered little knowledge from seldom boys-talk. My inertia was soon brought to fur as I never gave attention to her body, I didn’t attempt some massages or smooches and generally did not bother about working her out. We had no proper foreplay.

Hence, I’d driven my hands downwards freeing up the lone button and zip from whence Trench was now so visible, she had made little or no resistance and so I quickly got both of us utter stark. The view was glorious; everything that surrounded Trench gave me a spark. With protective rubber now on, I moved in on Trench with gusto, as I approached, I could hear my heart beat loud like a Chinese gong.

Now at the entrance of Trench, all eyes closed… it was a eureka moment. In Trench, there’s neither winter nor Harmattan it’s always summer so I realized as soon as I got in. Warm and silky was it as I made a push further, at this point I could feel the revelry; the rhapsody so much that I prayed it lasted a lifetime. But just then, after the second push, I spurted and fell flat like a pack of wasted cards.

Now back to the future!

After all, this experience early on in life made me realize Trench was the city of gambling. Like Las Vegas, when there you either win or lose, but whichever the case may be you always want to come back for another gamble, pretty much why we are entrenched in Trench. This was my first visit to gamble land, a city that inspires the world, because it thrives on your desire, for you’ll always want to come back.

Maria and I went on to be together for another six months until distance and negligence naturally made us part ways.

You could also share your first visit to Trench with me… Tchuss!

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