- June Is For Loving You -


Ben Iyoha

It's Sunday, it's June & sweet is the tune of it's first day... Hope is like magic when it's bold & life becomes crystal as I think of the old. Only If you're in tune then you are many times in the wonder I imagined.

I've found a perfect ground, one over which I can kneel just to say a word to the creator, to him I must give thanks for a month so new and for my woman a kind so few.

Hit me, Hate me, Hurt me...
It makes it sweet, sour & sexy.
But could we take love to the max,
even without a climax?

So I couldn't find it less daunting, because I've come to truth that loving you in june wasn't an option but my true intention...

Like the game of Monopoly a good player puts his stakes where it matters...
That's LOVE!

Like Chess, after the game the king and pawn all end in the same sack...
That's LIFE!

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