Ben Iyoha

So you thought… So you believed it was the only best feeling! You had no rules, you gave too much and you dived too deep, so much that you imagined. Your soul was a world of dreams, dreams painted, dreams that you can swear you saw came to past.

You held up your nerves so you can keep those solemn words, It breaks you so hard when you miss certain portions of your vow… You spent your life lost in this sweet surrender. Nothing simply makes perfect sense without this star that makes you shine

You risk all that’s inside in exchange of a beautiful pebble, Lo; all of which was just a bubble. And when it bursts, you try to crystallize all that is left hoping it’ll solidify. Every flesh of you, you squeezed… you questioned life and yourself you quizzed. 

But now it’s over… Time they say is a healer, and even when you heal, there so much for the scars left behind. Life is a teacher and when it teaches you must learn to be the believer, and to believe is to know not to break.

The best love you can get in life is the one you give yourself, but the one most popular is the one that helps you break yourself… To break you is to surrender to others; and “if the jar is not theirs it will never be kept full”.

Whatever breaks you; are the only force that can make you. Have faith but accept fate knowing that someday all that you sincerely crave for will come face-to-face, but now that it breaks, let it break but don’t break yourself!

The world hasn’t lost its last beauty, the beautiful ones are still lurking!

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