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For many who may be bewildered by the expression “coitus hiatus” it literarily means “sex break”. I conjoined these independent Latin words to make some English cum social sense. The term ‘Coitus’ could means to mate or to have sex and the term ‘Hiatus’ means break or pause. But this should not just be seen as an expression; it’s a perceived situation that perhaps ushers in the wreck of a relationship or marriage, I call it the “Precursor of woe”. For someone like me who have experienced this phase of need and thorough washout I can attest to how throbbing and psychologically maligned it could be.

As a veteran, this was a livid battle in my numerous wars of love and it was one battle I hoped i conquered, though I learnt greatly.  What makes coitus-hiatus dynamic is the realization that sex had at some time been an integral part of the affair until ‘the after-life’ a time where it seizes to be no more. More painful is if you are left to wonder WHY. Why because she acts cool and nice and she never wants to tell you WHY she’s taking the hiatus.

The irony may not be farfetched, it was never bargained neither was it foreknown that things would end up in this direction and worse is not knowing what to do and where to turn to. I once had this neighbor who frequently raged because his wife decided to go the hiatus route. The pills were too bitter for him to swallow and because he couldn’t just swallow hence the frequent outburst that ushered a free for all brouhaha which I then savored until I made it into his shoes, then I seized to love the drama; instead I took a huge lesson off it.


Cherries over Berries Envisage you are a berry and She use to have you suddenly she stumbled upon cherries and found a new great deal of fun, satisfaction and sweetness. The more she went for those cherries the more she’s likely to seek and get snarled on them and the consequence is that berry becomes longstanding and obsolete.

This is rather the most painful reason why your girl should go coitus-hiatus on you. Women could switch off the embers of their innate and sensual desires for you when they find a new and charming gem. Note: Not every woman can keep multiple or bi partners sexually and most sane women don’t, so one have to be paused for the other and sorry if it has to be you.

A pituitary spill Suddenly I frequently found myself asking questions on why she’s gone hiatus? In your case, when you do ask, read her body language and take note of how she responds. In my case I was privy to the judgment that her mom has no liking for me and same mom appears to be her precious confidant I immediately knew her hiatus was incensed by her mom once she start to talk about family values, being careful and not disappointing her family.

John Gray in his book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” asserted that common relationship snags within a man and a woman are as a result of fundamental psychological differences between the genders. Psychologically, men easily respond to what they see while women respond more to what they hear. When this happens her hormones start to shut down knowing well that a woman’s psychology, hormone and physical engagements are strongly wired together in a wholly trinity.

There goes KermitKermit the frog usually will be regarded as one of the most sought after character out of the 80’s cartoon “Muppet Babies” but recently the Kermit character on social media  has been the subject of a wild joke or rather a sarcastic character. This essentially is an example found mostly in marriages but not limited solely to it. When you live below expectation a woman instantaneously know mentally or physically.

Have things been slow with your finances, have you betrayed her trust or have cheated and she knows, did you keep a deep and long lasting lie that is now revealed, have you a multiple personality or life style, have you promised and failed her many times, did your character suddenly change out of pressure or you are simply now less attractive as an individual. If so, you are Kermit and she won’t take you seriously because the view she previously had of you had changed. Take NOTE: for every sex a woman has there’s a reason; it’s either for bonding, pleasure, procreation or money; if all these purpose aren’t clear to her she’ll go hiatus on you.

Finally, women speak a universal language, sometimes when you consider their deeds and modus operandi it thus have a global touch. There’s no idiosyncratic manual to understand perfectly how a woman is internally structured you can only try to make her suit you and if she doesn’t… Please learn to take the femme hiatus.

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