5 Reasons Everyone Loves Facebook

Ben Iyoha
Every 21st century compliant individual would agree with me that there’s been an insurgence of social networks. Realistically this has opened the social space so vividly that everyone is spoilt for choice or simply best seen and known on a specific platform.

Irrespective of where or what social network sooths the most for us to wine, dine and dwell Facebook still holds the ace as the most dynamic, most revered and most visited social network. Just in case you are wondering WHY?

(I)                Facebook Supports All Digital Formats – There exist about four major digital format upon which social networks leverages their functionality, value and background. These formats are TEXT, IMAGE, VIDEO and AUDIO. Platforms like Instagram leverages on short videos and images, Twitter leverages on short text, SoundCloud leverages on Audio, YouTube on video but Facebook supports all and allows you even do more.

(II)          Negates Class Of Bragging Rights – Many social platforms aren’t so social, and to be social you have to be truly transparent for all to see, meet and greet. Platforms like Twitter/Instagram allows for class struggles due to unreciprocated friendship known as (FOLLOW or UNFOLLOW). The struggle for followers and not true friends has bred the class struggle that silently irritates and annoys many. But for Facebook it’s a different scenario and for all who are friends on Facebook, they are truly friends or likely to become true friends.  

(III)          Real Time Interaction – Like Instant messaging which (BBM, Whatsapp) dominates, video calling forted by (Skype, Oovoo) Facebook allows everyone the opportunity to communicate in several ways which includes video calls, instant messaging, posting of all kinds e.g. Image, text & video. Facebook is the most interactive social network with the most unique chronological timeline feature. On Facebook you could spend time viewing peoples profile, navigating through profiles and getting to know more about a person before communication or contact is made, this creates an easy way of making people interact easily.

(IV)          Integrates With Other Social Networks – Facebook is one of the very few social networks that allow you the capacity to integrate whatever to it or the other way round. Facebook integrates with Twitter, Instagram, blogs, Pinterest, websites, YouTube, SoundCloud, Hulkshare, Tumblr and just name it.

(V)             Universal Appeal – If one takes a geographical data of how  people all over the world make use of social networks you’ll quickly realize that Facebook is not restricted to any region, continent or zone because of its universal appeal. Unlike some social network that are typified for a certain class of people or region/continent.

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