Musings: Waking From A Sleep!

Just when I thought it was all over, when the will to take another leap feels worn out by the sad struggles of a dampened ricocheted past. When all that I live for was that mindless memory of all I may have done wrong, days that brought hope and those that saddens like a whirlwind rolling past.

There’s no denial in living in the livid ambience of self love with no strings attached, where loving one’s self is an absolute recompense, living for one’s goal and being self sufficient becomes the recipe for forthrightness. Though intriguing, but the endurance to keep it going is never infinite but compelling.

But nobody gets happy doing the same boring thing for a long time, nobody wants to live and die in memories that linger for no good long a time. Who gets the blame when loving oneself for too long can just be the drain in the brain, who takes the blame when living only for the goals lapses its timeframe, who fights the goals for ones inadequacies and emotional disaster? 

The Cake & The Fondant!

The cake tastes good, sweet, creamy, lovely and blissful, but what is a good, sweet, creamy, lovely and blissful tasting cake without an amazing, beautiful and gorgeous decor? And here comes the fondant.

If you’ve ever wondered why everyday needs the other day to be born or be gone, then you’ll understand why making a family and keeping a sincere one becomes the cover & essence of the true fulfillment life offers even when life apparently leaves us with no meaning afterwards.

The way I see it, we are this proverbial CAKE and the family we both sincerely bring to life through love and an enduring spirit becomes the FONDANT from which our good, sweet, creamy, lovely and blissful lives turn amazing, beautiful and gorgeous.

Truth be said, I’ve gathered all my troubles and I’ve thrown them all away and in as much as you continue to convince me that you are all I prayed for and all I’ll ever want in a lifetime and counting then let my troubles become promises.

The Cost for Happiness 

In the pursuit of happiness there’s always a price. Like the bible teaches in Romans 6:23 (sic) the wages for sin is death” No one sows nothing and reaps apples or sows grapes and reaps oranges. Whatever it takes, irrespective of what time it is… A price is always needed to be paid. And remember, that for every time the will is shown the odds disappear and the power to succumb becomes inherent. 

Knowing that the price for life is birth, the price for education is knowledge, the price for love is sacrifice and then the price for happiness being hope, patience and work must be duly paid…

What You Mean To Me

Many assume love is all about the sex involved, some think it’s about the fights and quarrels, the side-by-side walks on those quiet alleyways holding hands and a majority just don’t understand what it’s all about.  But for me, above the ultimate definition that love remains a mystery, LOVE is what you mean to me.

Love has never been about how beautiful a person is, or has it ever been about status and immortal possessions. It will forever be about an undying bond, a flexible spirit and an amazing friendship. One drenching fact about love is that true love is practical and not physical. But for many it has always been the other way round.

As I conclude, I must state here that what you mean to me is love, happiness and hope and my duty is to prove it practically not physically.

Thanks for being YOU!
& Yep, I wrote this for you “Eseayelu”

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