Ever wanted to download YouTube videos and your last YouTube downloader failed you as always? 

YouTube downloader’s often crashes midway into your download leaving you helpless and apparently have wasted you internet bandwidth. 

These numerous downloader’s and online sites also do not have the capacity for downloading long videos like movies, documentaries and TV series. 

On Facebook it’s been concluded by many that Facebook protects video content by not allowing you any form of video download unlike for images on Facebook and videos do not have URL's that could be used on a third party downloader or site

Manytimes you’ve come across that hilarious and interesting video on Facebook and you want to save a copy for keeps or personal repost/use but then you cant downlaod becuase facebook bar's you. Botherless,  you now have a solution. 

It's the "Safe From Net Helper"

The Safe From Net Helper is your solution. This Ad-on has proven to be a reliable helper and have been well tested. since i discovered it i have been able help my brands share viral video contents from others sources.


-          -    You do not need a secondary downloader on your PC or Device
-          -    You do not need YouTube URL’s to download videos
-          -    You get a DOWNLOAD BUTTON on your Facebook and YouTube page for every 
             video you come across and want  to download.
-          -    Your Videos downloads fast
-          -    You also have the luxury of choosing video quality options.
-          -    It’s an ad-on/extension that works with your browser and not a full software
-          -    YES, it works for mobile too but for only Mozilla mobile web browsers for 
             now and on android OS only.

After your download and installation of SAFE FROM NET HELPER is done, a download button automatically appears whenever you open a Facebook video to view, and on YouTube a green download button is avaialble below youtube videos and Vimeo videos.

Enough of the talk… you can NOW start downloading – Thank me later!

See link below… for web version.

For mobile version, Google: SAVE FROM NET HELPER FOR ANDRIOD on you mobile device also ensure you have MOZILLA for android browser already on your device… Again, it works on mobile only with this browser (at least for now)


  1. You may also try Allavsoft which can batch download videos from Vimeo, YouTube,Viki, Lynda, SBS, Facebook etc
    Here is the easy guide

  2. Just download the Tubemate app, you will easily download videos from Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo for free. I am using Tubemate of Devian Studio at the homepage

  3. Download high quality videos up to 720p, 1080p, 4K from multiple websites to your phone easily with the SaveFrom net application.
    SaveFrom net: the best tool to help you download videos from many websites, especially Youtube
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