Lagos Carnival 2015: A True FIESTA of Fun & Glitz

- Ben Iyoha 

It’s no news that the 6th edition of the Lagos Festival has come and gone but the glamour, glitz and fun won’t leave us all so soon especially for all those who worked tirelessly to see the fruition of one of West Africa’s biggest street party and those who actually were at the party.

People from all works of life thronged the carnival route which stretched from campos-square down to Onikan (Tarawa Balewa Square) and from Awolowo way in Ikoyi back to Onikan (TBS). Tourists from various parts of the world were present as was Nigerians of diverse representation who were not left out.

 The band wagons in their pomp, pageantry and splendor were all full with life, dancing and entertaining while truly living the theme of the 2015 edition “FIESTA”.

For some, the carnival actually kicked off a night before. A walk through the carnival route showed that many bands and groups had mini-parties in preparation of the D-Day. 

At the Awolowo roundabout at about 8:00 PM there was a live DJ entertaining a crowed of youth in light carnival robes, some were on scatting boards with carnival masks, and on downtown Lagos Island especially the Campos area it was a vigil of street partying.

Watching the bandwagons dance through the streets of Lagos was purely ecstatic and the feel is something that’ll forever strike in ones memory. Trust me, the Lagos Carnival has placed Lagos in a strong position on the map of carnival cities especially in Africa.

The energy that powers the carnival is evident in the will of the Lagos State government and the spirit that drives its success is evident in the people of Lagos. This positive energy and synergy of revelry has not only revved up the international value of Lagos but has also boosted her IGR, some other rebound impact of the carnival includes boosting of local trade, corporate branding and advertisement,  entertainment, tourism and social integration.

It is worthy to note that this year edition of the carnival was shifted due to the postponement of the general elections. The Easter weekend fell in between the two election dates.

If you missed this year’s edition, bother less; we have saved some pictures for you but be sure not to miss the next edition of Africa’s emerging and biggest street party.


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