1) To all those who still run around believing love exist, It never did... that person you think you are in love with today is only there as long as you remain relevant to them.

2) Enhancing your body e.g (Bleaching, Tattoo) to gain acceptance from the public or opposite sex is a waste of time... Rather, do what will enhance your pocket.

3) To women who think attitude is what keeps a woman in a marriage, NO, Its doesn't. it's only a poor/middle class man who cares about your attitude. For a rich man, his money can get him a perfectly sweet meal and a sparkling clean house. i can bet you, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian & Lala Fortez can't even slice cucumber. 

Seduction, Glam & mixed with beauty is it... & This is why Tiger Woods wife dictated to him... All men have cheated at some point in their lifetime.

4) Life is short, death is sure.... Never do a thing because of what people will say about you. If Osho had married his age mate, people will still complain. Many Igbo & Hausa girls have been married out to matured men they really don't love. Trust me, those marriages have lasted more than the Society/Social Media Love, reason being that it wasn't built on the pretense of love that doesn't exit amongst us homo-sapiens it was built on satisfying or gratifying personal intents both ways.

5) Finally, Here's one of my pet-peeve... People who pretend & cast aspersions. How old was Abraham when he married Hagar (his wifes maid)? And worthy to note, Just like Lala Fortez, Hagar wasn't a Jew she was an Egyptian.

Here's my summation... but let the "social media-wars" continue, just my few cents. Passing by!

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