Ben Iyoha

These words that I speak,
Comes with all the entire love that I possess.
It’s not only your world that fascinates me,
Or rather your lips and its beau.
It’s not really of the love that you speak of
And the way you want to show it.

Even if all the heavens confess and
The saints beckon, even if the angels sigh
And cupid enchants!
The ruins of this royal heart craves for you
From this sacrosanct cubicle where it abides.

My amour of many fine stones found beneath the soil
Please, shield my heart, my heart of many grieves

Lying beneath this amour is my love
All of which I gave to you.
Much as the amour shines
Such is this priceless mind!
Like sweetness from the honeycomb
These thoughts wash my fears away like an ocean wave

Born to this world, this noble one!
A knight of inestimable strength
Let me be in your nights again
In shining armor, I come
And I’ll make you the dearest of my treasures,
The winner of the battle of my heart!

Dearest, I speak not of your love but of you,
Because you are the reason for this love!
Anywhere thou heart is, seek me…
Seek all that I possess, Seek my virtues,
And most of all seek my kingdom!
My heart… waiting, wasting and wanting
This is my wish,

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