Ben Iyoha

The people you meet are different from the people you see.
Faces comes in phases,
For whatever it takes, they represent places.
Some faces don’t smile,
Some will steal your heart from a mile
Some always wow!
Some calling…
Only a move closer and you realize it said nothing!

What is a face without a name?
What is a name without a place?
Isn’t it from a place cometh a name?
Pictures cannot perfectly save the message of a face,
Only a generation can

The face is the window to the soul,
It conveys the image of every emotion…
The face that you see may not be who you see,
Faces have replicas; like a twin so identical
Some say we are all made in twos!
You’ll only believe it until you meet them too.

The face is the home of love and warmth,
It always conveys all that is deep within.

To all the faces around the world,
You make this world beautiful,
Yet you make it horrible!
Because it is you who make up the world…
You make your face count, when you make a change
Now that life is passing. Take a stand
Though time makes it ware, Time takes it away
Just let your face count…

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