7 Digital Quick Wins for Retail Entrepreneurs

Ben Iyoha
1.   Website – By now you most likely will own a website or landing page. Your website must not be slow to load, this affects how customers engage. Your website must have a conversion page, high converting websites always have a simple page with all the information visitors would need to opt-in. these may include short forms, benefits, images of product and services, contact details and more.

2.    Start A Blog - Weekly blog articles on each product and offerings help to increase sales as readers get to know firsthand about the products. Always syndicate your blog article on free platforms like Medium, Nairaland and Quora. Your customers may be readers of any of these platforms. Also, always add hyperlinks of your website in the articles.

3.    Email Marketing – First you will need to have a mail list, you’ll start by collecting emails of your current customers and then prospective customers. You customers become your brand ambassador when you often send them holiday messages and new offers. Other new email leads will be on your weekly product offering campaign just as Jumia, eBay, Amazon and Konga do.

4.  Paid Marketplace Online Advert – All your products will be looped into an online marketplace advertising. This will be optimized on a monthly budget. It will have lead generation form and direct sales traffic to the product page. This is the biggest of the seven listed. Many new entrepreneurs assume to advertise online would dig their pockets but online adverts for retail business have the highest conversion rates.

5.   Remarketing – Don’t shy away from remarketing. You should set up remarketing account, this should be setup to follow up on all lost leads from every digital channel or by every visitor to the website. If you are data savvy, cookie marketing will also be considered on the site to track visitors and remarket them.

6.    SEO – Every business needs SEO because this day’s most buyers go to Google first to ask questions. Only those who already know you will come directly to your site. To begin with, you will need to implement ON_PAGE SEO which includes Tags, Site Architecture & Content and OFF_PAGE SEO which includes citations & link building. Most importantly, have a verified Google My Business page and account.

7.    Video Marketing – Videos have proven to help make businesses convert to sales faster; just like the popular saying “SEEING IS BELIEVING”. Pilot 2d videos will do a lot to further put life and face to the products you sell.

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