Have you ever found yourself paying for something that others got for free? How did you feel afterwards? The feeling I know can be compared to feeling foolish, naive & devastation.

This is the case for many Christians, especially in Nigeria. Jesus fed the multitude for FREE, he raised Lazarus for FREE, He healed the blind and the lame all for FREE, he taught the word of God his master FOR FREE.

This man called Jesus Christ upon whom we are known as Christians today SOLD NO mantle, SOLD NO anointing oil, SOLD NO spiritual bottle water and pure water, SOLD NON of his blood to anyone and even though tithing had existed before him in the Old Testament, he collected NO TITHE, instead, he said behold old things have passed away and all things become new.

The Holy Bible teaches in 2chronicles 7:14, if my people, who are called by my name (Christians), will HUMBLE themselves and PRAY and SEEK my face and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Today's Christians are more like Arsenal and Chelsea fans, every other person is an opposition and every Sunday is competition. They are only bothered about their pastor and his tilted teachings. Many of these pastors benefited from FREE EDUCATION as brought to Africa by the white missionaries... Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and Anglican schools spread across Nigeria, but today, they are selling same Christian education for a very heavy fee. Is this Christlike?

Think brothers... Sunday is approaching before you head out again paying for what is free, read your Bible and know Christ and not what the packaged Christian business centres yell and roll at you.

Sexy ushers, amazing concert sound and music, chastising and motivational seductive words + a mix of the word Jesus and there you are paying again for what is FREE.

Albert Camus once said..... The mind of man is eternally controlled by two factors (1) Government (2) Religion.

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