Musing: The Limits Of Life!

Ben Iyoha

Wondering... What will you be if you weren’t a living thing? What would you have hoped, wished & craved for if life made you a crab or a sun fly? Would you just wish you had no limits? The limits we fear, the failures we abhor and the wrong we don’t want to imagine is never negotiable.

Brethren’s, the single most important lesson I’ve learnt about life is that everyone has a  limit to who and what they can be and this in-turn i call #TheLimitsOfLife!

Come to think of it i muse a lot, i muse about a lot of things, i muse about the cunning features of a lit candle, i muse about the mundane and backward civilization I’ve come across, i relish the subliminal and esoteric things of life than would the immutable because life in itself is ephemeral and consciously abstract.

A quick test....

Make a list of 5 things money can buy but you don’t have and in need of.
Make a list of 5 things money can't buy and you are not in need of.

Having made these two lists, find out which of these things are largely currently in your control?
Which of these things can you easily influence right about now?

You see, to LIVE, Survive and Exist in life literally means you'll always be subjected to limits, no matter what you achieve in life, no matter what you scale through in life, Life will never allow you exist without a limit.

Let’s highlight The limits....

The Limit of Hope (No matter what the preacher says)
The Limit of Love (No matter how much they try to show it)
The Limit of Friendship (No matter what you give them)
The Limit of Money (No matter how much you have)
The Limit of Food (No matter how hungry you may be)
The Limit of Ideas (No matter how wise you are)
The Limit of Knowledge (No matter the amount of PhD’s you have, it's for a particular field)
The Limit of Wish (No matter how best you hope and dream)
The Limit of Joy (No matter all you've achieved)
The Limit of Spirituality (No matter how much of God you know)
The Limit of Failure (No matter how perfect you try to be, or how much you have failed)
The Limit of Sadness (No matter how hard you cry, someday you'll smile)
The Limit of Existence (No matter what you know and earn, you won’t live forever)
and the list is endless... But!

Brethren’s, the ultimate Limit of Life is DEATH! Death humbles all, death brings to closure all that is called life. The dreams, the aloofness, the audacity, the con, the reality, the game and even the truth will all be buried to the reality that nothing last or lives forever.

I live in a city.... that city is called LIFE!
So, i take life very seriously but i often remember its limits.

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