No Idea About Life (Dedicated)

"No Idea About Life"

From when I was born, I had no idea about life, 
I had no clue there will be today
I grew in my own way without a premonition or a peep into what I see and feel today
Not even a soul to tell me there will be you along my way. 
The sacrifice to love and trust, to hope and pray, to give one’s self and wait
I never thought I could pay
But life, in many ways it takes you around until you are lost and found
Found with one who I hope for and I hope with,
In life, I’ve had plans, some fell through and the others were just images
Images of things I crave, the one I love and the space I’ve made 
Now I make no plans, 
I just wake up and pray… I pray life gives me all that I crave,
Sometimes the perfection of the moon can be distorted by the moving clouds
But sooner the clouds pass the moon glows again
Someday we all will be no more, there will be nothing to hope for, to want and crave
And sooner this aloofness dies; all that we fear is gone
In my thought, in my words and in my soul
You stand so firm like a rock
If I had my way I would be with you right away
But God… God’s way is the true and only way… his time they say is the best
Much’o love, - 
Dedicated To Her, The beautiful beads of my fatherland!

By- Ben Iyoha

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