Lagos Hosts The Maiden Edition of the Social Media Awards Africa!

The Social Media Awards Africa (SMAA) is created to recognise and celebrate excellence and creativity in the use of social media tools and platforms by individuals and organisations.

With 4 major categories and 15 awards, the SMAA is a genuine, timely intervention for promoting distinctive creativity, peerless innovation and pervasive developments on the African continent through the best use of social media platforms and the rest of the social web.

As the second-fastest growing continent in the world, Africa's development is networked with its ability to tap into the technological revolution of the 21st century. More than 700 million Africans have mobile phones, over 170 million have access to the internet and over 110 million are on Facebook while the continent's twitter timeline is ever in restive motion.

This reality of an emerging social continent is what the SMAA stands to celebrate in order to deepen and broaden the sustainable continental developments.

The SMAA is organised by Development Diaries Ltd/GTE with institutional support from leading social media professionals, international agencies and media conglomerates across Africa.

Awardees will receive $1,000 USD cash prize, the prestigious SMAA plaque, outstanding recognition and global exposure, access to thought leaders and opportunities for self-development as well as other institutional benefits like training and internship.


How can I attend the SMAA?

Attending the SMAA event is pretty easy, although only 300 spaces will be available at the live event, more than 10 million people can attend the 2014 SMAA virtually via #SMAA2014. Event registration details will be made available on the website in due course.

Social Media Awards Winners will be announced at "The Night of Virtual Wonders" 6th of December, Lagos, Nigeria!


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