AD BITE... The "GOT MILK" Ad - 4 Takeaways From the Campaign

Ben Iyoha 

4 Takeaways From the Iconic 'Got Milk?' Ad Campaign

1. It was simple, and it stood for something.
The greatest taglines, don't require consumers to do too much thinking, but they shouldn't be blanket statements, either. "Got Milk?" is not only dead simple,
It sounds easy, but, not all brands have succeeded in conveying such a unique and powerful message in just a few words.

2. It was actionable.
"It's a question, and it has a motivational element to it,", adding that the original directive for the ad agency.
"They knew that to make this thing work they had to do something that was really focused on changing people's behavior,". Hence, the motivation implicit in the slogan.

3. It used humor.
The campaign continued to find a way to make milk funny.

4. It was integrated.
Almost as important as what the ads said and how they said it was where the ads appeared. "Got Milk?"  We're moving into a new world of marketing communication," he says, "But you still need to hit all the consumer touch points."

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